The Genesis Gap

Introducing The Gap

The Genesis Gap was once the most widely held view of Genesis 1 among evangelical and fundamentalist Bible believers.  The very basic view held by all Genesis Gap believers is as follows:

God created the Heaven (singular) and Earth in Genesis 1:1  Something happened and this original creation became "without form and voice" with "darkness upon the face of the deep".  This speaks of Judgment.  Genesis 1:3 begins the Creation Week which were six 24 hour days.  On the seventh day, God rested.

There are variations among Genesis Gap adherents but this Biblical teaching does NOT embrace "theistic evolution" and does NOT include the idea of the "Day Age Theory" in which each day of Creation represents long periods (millions or billions of years) of time.

With this brief introduction, we urge those who are new to this teaching, or in opposition to the "Gap", to obey Proverbs 18:13 and watch, listen to and read the evidence before making up your mind.  We are Bible believers and you will see below that a truly literal approach to Scripture leads you to a belief in the Genesis Gap as a FACT: