Film, Movies, Audio/Video Studies & Documentaries

Film, Movies, Audio/Video Studies & Documentaries The following video productions were viewed for research and/or general education purposes and are cited (either by specified reference or by passing mention) in the studies produced by Pastor Greg.  Many others are not here listed simply because they were viewed for entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse […]

Do Psalm 104:5 & Isaiah 24:18-20 contradict?

Will the foundations of this earth be removed, or will they not be removed?  His letter actually started with another question that we will answer first. He wrote, “According to the worshipers of King James’ version of God’s Truth, no other version of God’s Truth is really God’s Truth. According to them only the King’s […]

Pets & The Rapture: Animals In Heaven?

We are frequently asked whether we believe there are animals in Heaven. And one of the most difficult questions for animal lovers is whether our animals will be left behind at the Rapture. There is no black and white answer either way. There is NO place in Scripture that says we cannot have our pets […]

English Bibles & KJV Revisions

From time to time, we get questions like, “Where was the word of God before English?”, or “Where was the word of God in English before the King James”? And, “The King James has been “revised” a number of times, so which one is correct?” Well, the answer to the first two questions is listed […]

Realities of Regeneration & Genuine Faith in the Gospel by Jenny L. Miller

John 3:1-21 and James 1:1-4, 12-15, 19-21; 2:14-26 Summarization of John 3:1-21 The Christian re-birth is explained in detail in this passage. It is made clear by Jesus that it is not a physical experience, but that it is something that is spiritual. This rebirth is singled out as the absolute requirement for eternal life, […]

Frank Beckwith’s Apostasy and the Lukewarm Evangelical Response (May 2007)

Frank (Francis) Beckwith was the president of an organization that calls itself the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Most things “evangelical” these days are an unfunny JOKE and the ETS is no exception to this Laodicean Age rule of thumb. Demonstrating the lack of discernment or depth in this gang of highly-skilled gentlemen, Beckwith abruptly joins […]