New Versions Are Vatican Versions

Vaticanus 2

Two Streams: The Pure Bible Vs. Corruption (CHART)

This chart is an updated/corrected version of that seen in the video.

Bible Believers Baptist Fellowship uses only the Authorized King James Version. We use it because we believe it.

We receive letters asking us, “Why?” These videos are being produced for the purpose of answering that question. We urge you to watch them and consider the information carefully. We live in the age of apostasy and it is abundantly clear that an apostate “bible” is being used of Satan to produce a useless, Laodicean false church.

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Additional Audio & Videos of Interest

J. Vernon McGee: New Versions vs. Authorized Version

Ronald Reagan on the Authorized King James Bible

“Hills That Help,” Lester Roloff

“The trouble with modern men is not that they do not understand the terminology of the Authorized Version of the Bible, it is that they are spiritually dead.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones, “Romans – The Sons Of God.”

Read this account of the “behind the scenes” dishonesty, corruption and LIES that have taken place in order to CHANGE translating organizations from true Bible translators and publishers into VATICAN AGENTS doing the work of the Vatican by switching Bibles, changing translation techniques and ending up with APOSTATE Bibles in English AND in foreign languages: “Why They Changed The Bible

NOTE: Contrary to false accusers, we do not teach that a person must be KJV Only in order to be saved.  You will find this false accusation, and many others, refuted in the video playlist above.

HOWEVER, many members of the Vatican Version CULT that is now killing evangelicalism and most of what remains of fundamentalism with their corrupt Bibles and the apostasy that is resulting, are NASTY and full of HATRED toward those of us who will not follow them into their PIT.

For that reason, we will never hesitate to warn other KJB believers of these who vilify, shun, mock, attack or otherwise falsely accuse us in our stand for an infallible, perfect English Bible.  We will list such people and show them in their own words and actions on this page:

David Wood

Secular news articles on the King James Bible:

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There is no comparison. Any unbiased review will come to this conclusion.

The co-founder of the NASB translation committee DENOUNCES the work:

There is no comparison. Any unbiased review will come to this conclusion.


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The infallible word of God in English.

The infallible word of God in English.