The New American Standard: Frank Logdson Renounces His Involvement

Frank Logdson had quite a resume, including a couple of years as pastor of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, Illinois. But one thing on that resume that he came to be ashamed of was his involvement with his friend Frank Lockman in the development and translation of the New American Standard Version.

Frank Logsdon was chosen by the publisher to establish feasibility and to help choose translators. Logsdon was in 100% support of the NASB until he learned the facts about the Alexandrian manuscripts.

He was a close friend of Mr. Lockman (publisher of the NASB). After his very charitable announcement to his friend that he must renounce his involvement, his friend would die of a heart attack shortly afterward.

Eventually, Logsdon came to believe the Alexandrian text to be a tool of Satan and the new bibles to be a part of the last days apostasy. A ministry called, “Dial-The-Truth” has posted a message by Frank Logsdon in which he gives his personal testimony about his friendship with Mr. Lockman, his involvement with the NASB and his eventual renouncement of his involvement.

We would encourage you to visit that web site and read the message posted at:

From the NASV to the KJV By Frank Logsdon

As can be expected in all cases in which a Bible Believer stands up for truth, the Lockman foundation sought to accuse Logsdon of being a liar and to pretend that his renouncement from the NASB was of no consequence.

For that statement and an answer from someone intimately involved with the subject, we refer you to Way of Life’s article on the matter:

Did Frank Logsdon Help Organize the New American Standard Version?

By David W. Cloud