The Davinci Code Fraud

“The DaVinci Code” is a novel written by Dan Brown. It is FICTION and it is nothing short of blasphemy. Even though the British courts exonerated Brown of charges for violating copyright law and plagiarism, many critics will continue to point out that little outside of the plot and historical background of the novel originated with Mr. Brown. He really showed very little originality and seems to have simply capitalized upon the spiritual darkness that rules in the hearts of the majority of people alive today.

You Call These Facts?

There are two basic problems with this novel. First, as we mentioned, it is presented to the purchasing public as a fictional novel of which is supposedly based upon historical fact. The first page of the novel claims, ”FACT:…All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.” But that is a lie.

I’ll leave it to the Roman Catholic writers to expose the ridiculous claims Brown makes regarding Opus Dei, the Knights Templar and the supposed “hidden codes” in Catholic cathedrals that, in reality, do not exist at all. But the more serious fabrications in regard to “all descriptions of… documents” concern us most.

For example, Brown relies heavily upon rejected books of the Bible that he falsely claims were rejected as a result of some “conspiracy” by the early Church in an effort to cover up some “hidden truth” regarding Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and the basic doctrines of Christianity. In reality, these Gnostic Gospels are ridiculous fabrications that were rejected for numerous reasons, such as the fact that they were known to have been authored by people who not only were NOT apostles of Christ, but signed someone else’s name to them. For example, the Gospel of Thomas wasn’t written by Thomas. The Gospel of Peter wasn’t written by Peter. That’s different from using a “pen name”. That is just outright dishonest.

In addition, these Gnostic documents contain numerous historical errors and contradict the other 27 books of the accepted New Testament canon. In some cases, the writing is so sporadic and without any real flow of thought, that they weren’t even recommended for reading, let alone accepted for inclusion in the canon of Scripture. Dan Brown demonstrates a horrible ignorance of the facts when he suggests that these Gnostic Gospels are anything more than contrived forgeries not worthy of any serious consideration as the word of God. Ironically, Brown’s “The Davinci Codes” novel is quite comparable to the corrupt nonsense found in the Gnostic “gospels”.

Secondly, this book of fiction is full of blasphemy, heresy and complete lies against Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the sinless Son of God, not a fornicator impregnating Mary Magdalene. Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, he did not run to France and begin a dynasty bloodline.

Even the enemies and opponents of Jesus Christ must have been in on this “conspiracy” that Dan Brown claims to have discovered. Tacitus was a Roman historian and no friend to Christianity, yet talks in his writings of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and fails to mention a sordid relationship with Mary or the offspring of Jesus and Mary living under Rome’s authority in Europe. Josephus is the Jewish historian who seems to have never converted to Christianity, yet he talks in some detail of the life, death and resurrection of Christ without mentioning even a RUMOR of some relationship between Jesus and Mary, or any sort of escape to Europe by Mary to raise offspring.

Dan Brown’s blasphemy is fiction and he will stand before the real, live Jesus some day to give an account.

A Sad Comment On Modern Literature and Culture

This work of fiction by Brown is so distorted, dishonest and blasphemous that we find it incredible that it must be dealt with in a serious manner. The DaVinci Code is right up there with Alice In Wonderland and The Book of Mormon. But this book of fictional tripe has sold more than 40 million copies and netted Dan Brown more than 400 million dollars to spend enjoying this life in the flesh before he is judged and damned to an eternity in Hell. He will find that it just wasn’t worth it.

We pray that you will not make Brown any more wealthy than he already is by buying the literary garbage he has created or by buying other paraphernalia related to the book. We also pray that all who still have a conscience that is not already seared as with a hot iron will not waste money on a ticket to Ron Howard’s cinematic version of the book. Instead, spend that same money on a handful of the economy-priced books or DVD’s listed below. Read and/or watch it for yourself and share them with others.

1. “Behind The Da Vinci Code: A Challenging Response To The Best-selling Novel,” Richard Abanes.

2. “The Da Vinci Deception (DVD Documentary),” by Grizzly Adams Films.

3. “The Da Vinci Deception: Credible Answers…,” by Erwin Lutzer.

4. “Breaking The Da Vinci Code,” by Darrell L. Brock

5. “The Da Vinci Code Breaker,” James L. Garlow