Solomon’s Horses

One of the most famous supposed contradictions in the Bible is found in 2 Chronicles 9:25 and 1 Kings 4:25-26. The supposed contradiction is seen in the fact that 2 Chronicles 9:25 says that Solomon had 4,000 stalls for horses. Meanwhile 1 Kings 4:25-26 says that Solomon had 40,000 stalls for horses. A difference of 36,000???

The only real problem is with the sloppy and careless handling of the word of God. Besides the fact that the issue is the number of STALLS and not actually a specific reference to the number of horses, the important point to make is that these are not the SAME report and, therefore, do not contradict each other. It breaks down like this:

A.) 2 Chronicles 9:25 is giving us the exact count of stalls for horses and chariots IN JERUSALEM.

B.) 1 Kings 4:25-26 is giving us the exact count of stalls for horses and chariots IN JUDAH AND ALL OF ISRAEL.

This is a typical accounting issue that is settled once we attend King James Accounting School. In Luke 4:4 Jesus says, “That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” Notice “…BUT BY EVERY WORD OF GOD.” (Missing from most new translations.) The careless skeptic reads 4,000 and 40,000 and notices the difference, but seems to miss the fact that 2 Chronicles 9:25 gives us the stats of Jerusalem while 1 Kings 4:25-26 reports on the stats regarding stalls “from Dan to Beersheba”, covering the entire kingdom of Israel!

In our modern day, it would be as if 2 Chronicles is a report put out by a writer for the Jerusalem Post reporting on things at the Capital in Jerusalem, while 1 Kings was put out by an AP reporter on location in Tel Aviv reporting on the entirety of the Israel Cavalry from the west bank to Gaza to Lebanon and all points in between.

There’s nothing to see here. God’s word has NO contradictions. The problem is with the unregenerate reader. Believe on the death of Jesus Christ as full payment for your sin and trust in the power of His resurrection for eternal life. His Spirit will indwell you and lead you into an understanding of God’s word in the Holy Bible and you will forever be freed from misunderstandings and spiritual error.