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A full page of answers for questions asked by skeptics:
 Answering Skeptics: Errors and Contradictions In The Bible
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Alright, Then.  I’ll Go To Hell
The “Three-Fifths Clause” Helped End Slavery In America

A Biblical Guide: How To Know That You Are Saved

Answering Questions About The Sabbath

Answering Questions About The Trinity

Does the Book of Hebrews Teach That We Can Lose Salvation?

Frank Beckwith’s Apostasy and the Lukewarm Evangelical Response (May 2007)

Fulness of the Gentiles and Times of the Gentiles

Holiday Liberty vs. Holiday Hunters

How Can God Love Me?

Is The Church Your Mother?

LDS (Mormonism) Continuous Assault On Christianity

List of Archaeological Discoveries Contradicting the Bible

Pets & The Rapture: Animals In Heaven?

Reading the Bible Literally

Realities of Regeneration and Genuine Faith in the Gospel
by Jenny L. Miller

Religion Kills: Jesus SAVES

Suicide: What The Bible Says

The Davinci Code Fraud

The Doctrine of Repentance In Salvation

The God Who Hates Unrepentant Sinners Loves You

The Marks of a Cult

The Odds of Jesus Fulfilling Just 48 of 300 Messianic Prophecies

The Trail of Blood


Bible Translations


Ecumenical Apostasy

Voices of the Enemy by Jeffrey Mardis


Israel: The Jewish Nation

Marriage and Divorce


Q&A: Answers To Questions

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