Madame Helena Blavatsky: Founder of the Intelligent Design Movement

The fad in compromise today is to try to win over the evolutionists by not using the Name of our Creator, Jesus Christ. Following a Freemason model of teaching a Creator, “to be named later” (or not at ALL), many Christians feel that they have the best of both worlds: scientific acceptance of theistic creation. In truth, they have neither.

First of all, no self-loving Darwinian is going to give an inch in this debate regardless of how far into the land of fairy-tales for grown ups he or she must go. Just read some of the late Stephen Jay Gould’s theory of “punctuated equilibrium” or the fictional follow up found in Elizabeth Vrba’s “turnover pulse hypothesis” for the best in science FICTION. No room for “intelligent design” here. Only room for godless hypothesis without a shred of science to support it.

Secondly, God isn’t wringing His hands in hopes of an anonymous seat at the table among enemies. He is God. He has a Name. I don’t even refer to my pet lab Sadie as just “dog”. But that’s how these ID believers want to refer to God. Only they can’t even name his “species”. Not only can we not use His Name in the discussion of origins. We can’t even refer to the existence of such a Being. It’s just “intelligence”.

Something barks. We won’t call her Sadie. We won’t call her “dog”. We won’t even speak of her as a living being. She is just “annoying yap”. That’s what Intelligent Design does to God. Something I wouldn’t even do to my dog.


Intelligent Occultism

You may or may not have heard of this thing called, “the new age movement”. It’s not new. It’s as old as the first form of false religion (Cain). It is idolatry and otherwise ungodly worship and doctrine. It’s the Occult.

The modern Occult movement has been tagged with the name “new age” by it’s own propagandists. And most of these modern Nimrods and Jezebels hark back to the writings of a 19th century demoniac named Madame Blavatsky. Her writings are best known in, “The Secret Doctrine.” [1]

According to Reed Carson of the Theosophy Foundation of Georgia, Madame Blavatsky was the first to use the term, “Intelligent Design.” On a web page credited to Carson we read, “Helena Blavatsky, in 1888, was the first person to use the phrase “intelligent design” to convey her understanding of evolution. She used the phrase to convey the idea that the evolution of the species was guided by an underlying purposeful intelligence in nature. This intelligence is different from the “God” of theistic religions. Orthodox science opposes the whole notion of any intelligence design and insists on chance without any guiding direction. This makes her view a distinct alternative to both religion and science.” [2]

In her book, “The Secret Doctrine,” Blavatsky is referencing a French anthropologist named Bourges who gave a lecture titled, “Evolutionary Psychology,” in which he mixes evolution with spiritism. Blavatsky remarks:


“He explains the origin of the variety of organic forms, made to fit their environments with such evident intelligent design, by the existence and the mutual help and interaction of two principles in (manifest) nature, the inner Conscious Principle adapting itself to physical nature and the innate potentialities in the latter.”
(The Secret Doctrine volume 2, page 654) 

Credit Where Due

Blavatsky is credited as the originator of this godless Intelligent Design doctrine by numerous other sources. It is undeniable that speaking of “intelligence” without giving credit to the Source of Intelligence is not acceptable to the Bible Believer. And the idea of refusing to Name THE Creator is a blasphemous and disgusting act that should bring cold chills to the spine of any genuine lover of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the CREATOR.

Satan is behind Intelligent Design. And this quote from Theodore Roszak is very telling.

“It is seldom remembered that, in the years following publication of “The Origin of Species”, [Helena Blavatsky] was the first person to aggressively argue the case for a transphysical element in evolution against the rising Darwinian consensus.

“Her effort, unlike that of the Christian fundamentalists, was not to reject Darwin’s work, but to insist that it had, by its focus on the purely physical, wholly omitted the mental, creative, and visionary life of the human race, in short, it omitted consciousness, whose development followed a very different evolutionary path.” [3]

Blavatsky is in Hell. But her doctrines of devils live on in Christian bookstores and Seminaries. And one of her most powerful “Secret Doctrines” is that of Intelligent Design.


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