LDS (Mormonism) Continuous Assault On Christianity


The ad campaigns are slick. LDS members who hold high profile positions speak in measured tone. They talk about a “Jesus”. They give away free King James Bibles (while telling members that the KJV is “corrupt”) and send free Books of Mormon to those who call in a request. They are building “wards” calling themselves the “Community of Christ” to hide their LDS identity.

Even clueless, professing Christians like former President Jimmy Carter assist in propagating the lie. Carter even left the Southern Baptist Convention because the Baptists wouldn’t stop calling Mormonism a cult. [1]

Is the Mormon Church just another denomination? Are they Christians, too?

This Is Hardly Christianity

Well, doctrinally, that question is answered with a simple Bible study. Mormonism (The [so-called] Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) preaches a false Jesus and a false gospel. And once you peak behind the veil of propaganda, you will find that Mormonism is a sex cult whose “god” was supposedly once a man like you and I, but whose works earned him “godhood”. As a “god”, the Mormon god, called Elohim and heavenly Father, is having celestial sex with untold numbers of deified women (truly GODMOTHERS!) who give birth to those who are now earth-dwellers.

As earth-dwellers, men have the opportunity to be good Mormons and become gods in the next life. A good Mormon man will be deified and given his own planet to populate with his own hordes of goddesses (glorified Mormon ladies) to impregnate and a planet to populate. And all of this comes from Joseph Smith, Jr. (and is also confirmed by Brigham Young and all successive “prophets” in the LDS). Smith got a head start and practiced polygamy (including minor girls) while on earth. [2]


Do you see the strange similarities between Mormonism and Islam? They both add a book to the Bible. Neither of these prophets actually prophesied anything worth mentioning. They both have “a prophet” that supercedes Jesus Christ.

Both of these prophets (Joseph Smith of Mormonism and Mohammad of Islam) received divine revelations that enabled them to have multiple sex partners (“wives”) and they both used the practice of polygamy to molest underaged “brides”.

And both of these so-called prophets taught their followers that if they were faithful to the “prophet” on earth, SEX awaits them in Heaven!

A Sad, Incredible HOAX 
What makes the cult status of Mormonism all the more clear to any logical, THINKING person is the fact that Mormons, from top to bottom, make it clear that they believe themselves to be the only true church and that all other denominations of Christianity are preaching a false gospel. In fact, if Mormonism WERE true, then Biblical Christianity would have to be false since the so-called “gospel” of Mormonism does not even compare to the Biblical Gospel of salvation by faith alone in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as found in your King James Bible.

Take for example the words from a writer in the Mormon publication called Ensign, “…we are part of the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a work to do.” [3] That was printed in 2005! The Mormon Church puts up a front, pretending to want to be just another Christian denomination when, in fact, they retain their claims of superiority over Biblical Christianity.

Again, the writer of that statement, in an official Mormon publication, said that Mormons, “are part of the true, restored gospel…” In contrast to the “false, lost gospel…” of Biblical Christianity?

Don’t be fooled.

That statement from Ensign magazine is exactly what the Mormon Church believes and preaches. Isn’t it ironic? Ignoramuses like Jimmy Carter blast Bible-believing Christians because we point out the OBVIOUS and state that Mormonism is a false cult. In the meantime, Mormons teach that Jimmy Carter himself is a deceived member of false religion who preaches a false gospel!!

Get a clue Jimmy.

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2 For documentation, we highly suggest and refer you to the late apologist, Walter Martin. Visit Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet at

3 Julie B. Beck, “A Work for Me to Do,” Ensign, May 2005, pg. 107