Is The Church Your Mother?

Is The Church Our “Mother”?

One of the most Satanic pieces of idiocy taught by Catholicism, Orthodoxy and a number of Protestant denominations (as well as most CULTS) is the idea that an organization of deluded fools with all sorts of extra-biblical positions like Pope, Cardinal, Arch-Bishop, Patriarch, Monsignor, Priest, Bishop (in the non-Biblical role ABOVE local church authority), Superintendent, President, Executive Secretary, etc., is to be seen as what the Bible calls, “the church of God.”

The word “church” is used in two ways in Scripture (KJV):

1. The collective of saints who have been saved by faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ DURING the age of grace (33 AD to the date of the Rapture).

2. Local gatherings of born again, baptized (immersed) Bible Believers who recognize the Bible as the sole authority for faith and practice, who establish only those titles and ministries in the local church as given by God through the Apostles and as taught in the New Testament Epistles, and who reject all outside attempts to interfere with the local church ministry.

At no time does the Bible EVER call the church your “MOTHER”.

At no time does the Bible EVER say the church gave birth to anyone: we are born INTO the body (the church) and not given birth by the church. We ARE the Church. We don’t give birth to ourselves.

This Satanic heresy of the church being a mother and of all these high-minded titles with assumed authority over the local church is called, “Nicolaitanism”. The word Nico-Laitan means “conquer” (“nico”) the laity (or, the common man).

Jesus said, “So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.” (Revelation 2:15) If Jesus hates it, what are these false denominations doing PRACTICING IT?

In order to exert unbiblical authority and power over the people, Nicolaitans pretend that THEY hold the power of “Mother Church” who supposedly gave birth to you. Just chase the two-lane highway to hell: money and power.

One of Satan’s greatest one-liners is, “There is no salvation outside of the church”. Don’t you believe it! The Church isn’t your Mother. The Biblical Church of Jesus Christ is a BRIDE waiting for the return of her BRIDEGROOM, Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:6).

The church will live eternally in the New Jerusalem, which is why the eternal city is referred to as “a bride adorned for her husband,” (Revelation 21:2). The true church is still a VIRGIN (2 Corinthians 11:2). If you’re in a church who claims to be your “Mother”, she’s a nasty WHORE who is giving birth OUT OF WEDLOCK. (Revelation 17:5)