English Bibles & KJV Revisions

From time to time, we get questions like, “Where was the word of God before English?”, or “Where was the word of God in English before the King James”? And, “The King James has been “revised” a number of times, so which one is correct?”

Well, the answer to the first two questions is listed below, showing the SEVEN foreign languages and SEVEN English Bibles from the pure line of manuscripts. And the answer to the third question is that the “revision” of the KJV was NOTHING like what is called a “revision” in the new versions. The KJV revisions changed spelling, punctuation and small “tweeks” using synonyms to replace a few words, etc. In the 1611 edition, the “s” sometimes looked like the “f”. The word “year” was spelled “yeere”, etc.

The FACT is that the King James Bible (preferably Cambridge edition) that you hold in your hand is virtually IDENTICAL to that which was published in 1611. Those making much about “revisions” are “straining at a gnat” like good Pharisees do, while swallowing the incredible camel-of-a-fact that ALL new versions of the Bible come from the VATICAN.

Don’t get caught up in the lies and distortions. The following two lists show you the line of purified Bibles in English, including SEVEN versions and SEVEN “revisions”.

The Bible went from the original languages into foreign languages and then to English, the SEVENTH language:




4.Old Syriac

5.Old Latin



The translation from Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek into English was purified SEVEN times:


2. Matthew

3. Coverdale

4. Great Bible (printed by Whitechurch)

5. Geneva

6. Bishops’ Bible

7. King James Bible.

The English Bible was purified SEVEN times:








“The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” (Psalm 12:6)