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The Gay Study Bible

It Only Gets WORSE

The typical “Christian Bookstore” today is a money-making machine owned by a large corporation or denomination. They sell nearly every Satanic bible translation and most of the heretical books being written by apostates and false prophets. But even these materialistic empires have their standards! [1]

It has been a sore disappointment to see some of the largest chains selling the worst new translations–NIV, the Message, etc. Even when the facts of homosexual involvement and corruption in the NIV translation committee and it’s resulting “bible” became public, the facts were ignored so that the profits could continue to stream in. That is why we weren’t sure what would happen when a “gay study bible ” hit the market.

“Even WE won’t sell THAT!”
Well, the gay study Bible finally arrived. It is written by Ann Nyland who is referred to as a “classical Greek scholar”. That is interesting, since the New Testament is NOT written in classical, but Koine Greek.

Regardless, the sodomites have found someone with credentials to publish a new bible called, “The Source New Testament,” and notes that further deceive the “gay community” into believing that their sin will not be judged by God.

The web site ( makes this claim for Nyland’s notes which accompany her translation of the Alexandrian text: “There are no theological notes, solely notes of the word meaning and context, taking into account the latest academic scholarship. ”

And those notes just happen to make it appear as though Christians (and specifically the King James Bible) have been deceiving the world with a mistranslation of references that are made to APPEAR as though God condemns “gays” (sodomites).

As an old preacher that I know says, “If you wanna to go to Hell on that, then I guess you’ll go to Hell on that.”

It’s sad to see sodomites going deeper into deception. We pray for those that we know who are caught up in the “gay lifestyle” and going along with this deception. But Romans 1:26-28 seems to leave little hope for these who may have already been handed over to a “reprobate mind”.

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.


The New American Standard: Frank Logdson Renounces His Involvement

Frank Logdson had quite a resume, including a couple of years as pastor of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, Illinois. But one thing on that resume that he came to be ashamed of was his involvement with his friend Frank Lockman in the development and translation of the New American Standard Version.

Frank Logsdon was chosen by the publisher to establish feasibility and to help choose translators. Logsdon was in 100% support of the NASB until he learned the facts about the Alexandrian manuscripts.

He was a close friend of Mr. Lockman (publisher of the NASB). After his very charitable announcement to his friend that he must renounce his involvement, his friend would die of a heart attack shortly afterward.

Eventually, Logsdon came to believe the Alexandrian text to be a tool of Satan and the new bibles to be a part of the last days apostasy. A ministry called, “Dial-The-Truth” has posted a message by Frank Logsdon in which he gives his personal testimony about his friendship with Mr. Lockman, his involvement with the NASB and his eventual renouncement of his involvement.

We would encourage you to visit that web site and read the message posted at:

From the NASV to the KJV By Frank Logsdon

As can be expected in all cases in which a Bible Believer stands up for truth, the Lockman foundation sought to accuse Logsdon of being a liar and to pretend that his renouncement from the NASB was of no consequence.

For that statement and an answer from someone intimately involved with the subject, we refer you to Way of Life’s article on the matter:

Did Frank Logsdon Help Organize the New American Standard Version?

By David W. Cloud

Codex Sinaiticus: Found In a Waste Basket

Did you know that the new translations come from two main sources? One is called Vaticanus and the other is Sinaiticus. Vaticanus is housed in the Vatican, hence it’s name. Sinaiticus was found in the trash can of a Catholic monastery in the area believed to be near Mt. Sinai, hence it’s name.

As though this fact alone shouldn’t be enough to cause any Bible Believer to reject any new translation coming from these sources, Alexandrian text defenders not only find the Pope’s Bible completely acceptable but they also LIE about the circumstances at the time that Sinaiticus was found.

Taking Out The Trash

If you’re going to defend the Pope’s trash bible, you should at least be willing to deal honestly with the facts surrounding the papal manuscripts used to produce the Pope’s bible. But many Alexandrian defenders lie and deny. They are so embarrassed by the TRUTH that they must either lie or change the subject.

Well, we won’t let them change the subject and we provide the undeniable documentation to PROVE the truth and to REFUTE the Alexandrian lies.

Count Tischendorf’s Damning Testimony

The Sinaiticus manuscript was discovered by a German textual critic and collector named Count Lobegott Friedrich Constantin Von Tischendorf. We will call him Count Tischendorf.

Count Tischendorf says he found what came to be called Codex Sinaitucs in a “basket” filled with old parchment being used to start fires to keep monks warm. Here is his account:

“I perceived in the middle of the great hall a large and wide basket full of old parchments; and the librarian, who was a man of information, told me that two heaps of papers like these mouldered by time, had been already committed to the flames. What was my surprise to find amid this heap of papers a considerable number of sheets of a copy of the Old Testament in Greek, which seemed to me to be one of the most ancient that I had ever seen.”(1)

Shoot the Messenger!

So how do Alexandrian apologists defend their trash can bible? Bentley’s blind rejection of Tischendorf’s account is as follows:

“It seems to me hardly likely to be true. Quite apart from the fact that the forty-three parchments he supposedly rescued from a basket of rubbish are in remarkably good condition, the highly suspicious circumstances under which Tischendorf took the Codex Sinaiticus from the monks in 1859 made him (as we shall see) desparate to prove that the original owners of the manuscript were unfitted to keep it.” (2)

So, the man who discovered Sinaiticus is demonized in order to protect the reputation of the rejected manuscript. And Bentley’s reasoning is ridiculous.

First, the parchments were missing huge numbers of portions. Obviously, these were BURNED. And the fact that the surviving manuscripts were in good condition is not surprising. Go throw a stack of papers in a basket in a dry room and let them lay there for as long as you want and when you go back, they will be in the same condition.

Secondly, it is obvious that the St. Catherine monks didn’t know that what they had in their possession was worth something because it was only AFTER Tischendorf’s visits that they began capitalizing on their worth. Before Tischendorf, they were clueless.

Distort Tischendorf’s Account!

Again, here is what happened:

Tischendorf finds Siniaticus (with the Septuagint and Gnostic counterfeit books) in a basket being used to start fires. The librarian sees this and “rescues” all but a few pages taken by Tischendorf. Upon returning, Tishcendorf is able to get his hands on Sinaiticus when the librarian retrieves it from his own cell.

And Satanic apologists like James White distort the story to make it sound like this:

“His obvious excitement worried the monks, who became less than cooperative in providing further information about manuscripts at the monastery. Years passed by. Tischendorf attempted to find more manuscripts at the monastery in 1853, but to no avail. Six years later he visited yet once again, and this time on the very evening before he was to leave he presented a copy of the Septuagint (which he had published) to the steward. Upon looking at Tischendorf’s gift, the steward remarked that he, too, had a copy of the Septuagint. From the closet in his cell he produced a manuscript, wrapped in a red cloth. The monk had no idea of the treasure he held in his hands, for this was none other than Codex Sinaiticus, which at that time was no less than 1,500 years old!”

Notice that the discerning reader can see what Mr. White is incapable of seeing IN HIS OWN ACCOUNT!

It’s obvious, even in White’s attempt at distortion, that what happened was the TRASH became valuable to the librarian (“steward”) once he saw it’s worth in the response of Tischendorf.

And what White leaves out (in his usual, dishonest manner) is the Tischendorf himself recognized this manuscript as EXACTLY what he was looking for.

Par For The Course

And that’s how it is. Those of us defending the ONLY Bible manuscripts and translations used by TRUE Christians throughout Christian history have grown accustomed to the lies and abuse from the Alexandrian egomaniacs.

If you DARE disagree, you are “unscholarly”. If you DARE reveal the facts about Satan’s Alexandrian manuscripts ans translations, you are called “a liar” or “mean-spirited” or some other meaningless, baseless charge.

And in response, we will pray for their repentance and laugh off their childish and false accusations. At the Judgment, they will lose reward and be ashamed. And none of us KJV-only (as we are called) Bible Believers (as we prefer to be called) will do anything but praise the Lord Jesus Christ for saving us… ALL of us, undeserving sinners.


(1) Tischendorf quoted by James Bentley in, “Secrets of Mount Sinai: The Story of Finding the World’s Oldest Bible–Codex Sinaiticus,” page 86. (c) 1985, James Bentley and Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1986.

(2) Bentley, James. “Secrets of Mount Sinai: The Story of Finding the World’s Oldest Bible–Codex Sinaiticus,” page 86. (c) 1985, James Bentley and Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1986.

Truth In Advertising: The NIV


Try this for one of the most “interesting” Bible studies you’ll ever have.

Got to and look up these 17 verses using the following directions:

FIRST: Click on “Passage Lookup”.

SECOND: Under “Select Version(s)”, hit the “Lookup passage(s) in multiple versions” link.

THIRD: Under “Select Version(s)” choose BOTH the King James Version and the New International Version.

FINALLY, one at a time, type each of these passages into the “Enter passage(s)” box and hit “Look Up Passage”.

Matthew 17:21
Matthew 18:11
Matthew 23:14
Mark 7:16
Mark 9:44
Mark 9:46
Mark 11:26
Mark 15:28
Luke 17:36
Luke 23:17
John 5:4
Acts 8:37
Acts 15:34
Acts 24:7
Acts 28:29
Romans 16:24
1 John 5:7

Compare what the King James has with what the NIV has. Be sure to read the RED letter print above “Passage Results” after you hit “Look Up Passage” for each one.

After doing this, if you want detailed instructions on how to burn or otherwise destroy Satan’s NIV translation, let me know. I’ve come up with some pretty inventive ideas.


NIV: The Gay Blade

Look up Deuteronomy 23:17 where God forbid Israelite men from becoming Sodomites. That is, if you are reading the King James Bible. BUT in the NIV, the Israelite man or woman is forbidden from becoming a “shrine prostitute”.

So, being “gay” is ok in the NIV. Just don’t pimp yourself out in a shrine!?!?

Please note, the NIV was translated based upon Satan’s Alexandrian text and nearly exclusively on the Pope’s Vaticanus bible. It also included a homosexual who died of AIDS (M. Harold Woudstra) and a lesbian (Virginia Mellenkott) who is unabashedly satanic in her occult/feminist views.

Google these two names for a batch of articles and sites detailing these two sick individuals and their work perverting the NIV.